Advanced Career Education (ACE) Seminar

Advanced Career Education (ACE) Seminar: Competencies Needed to Keep Your College Head Job 

New college head coaches need a variety of skills to be successful. To get a college head coaching job you must have proven success in player development, teaching fundamentals, establishing systems, and understanding statistics. The ACE Program goes beyond these fundamental proficiencies and digs into other “non x’s and o’s” competencies needed to be successful as a college head coach.

Carlette Patterson

Dan Tudor






Wednesday, December 14, 1 – 4 p.m. 

Topics & Speakers:

The Power of Team has been redefined. Do the athletes have the power or do you?

9 out of 10 people will choose to die rather than change- those are the stats. If you want to be in the 10% Club, you will have to change and there is a very specific way to do it. Carlette will teach, coach, and train you how to change and win. Learn how to:

What do high performing programs and their coaching staffs do year in and year out to create consistent winners? We looked at 15+ years of data and study, along with the work Tudor Collegiate Strategies has done with programs they’ve helped build around the country, and have come up with 7 key areas of importance when it comes to recruiting, coaching and building a winning program.


ACE Program Information:

The AVCA has identified eight competency areas for new college head coaches that focus on building a program and culture that uses volleyball to add value to both the institution and community. 

The ACE Program was created for AVCA-member college head coaches in their first five years as a college head coach but veteran head coaches and assistant coaches are welcome to attend.. The AVCA will offer at least two 90-minute sessions at each AVCA Convention covering two of the program’s eight competencies.

After each event the AVCA will send a letter of acknowledgment to the Athletic Director of every college head coach that attends an ACE Seminar and college head coaches that complete sessions on all eight competencies will receive a certificate.

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