Pre-Convention Seminar

Pre-Convention Seminar: Preparing Your Setter to Play at Peak Performance – Coaching Strategies for Skill Development and Mental Sharpness (KCCC 2502AB)
Wednesday, December 13, 1 – 4 p.m.
Featured Speaker:
Avital Selinger, Former Olympian and Netherlands Women’s Team Head Coach

Join Avital Selinger, two time Olympian and former coach of the Netherlands Women’s National Team, for a three-hour intensive look at setting. In this session Selinger will break down the technique and skills required to be an elite setter as well as provide insight into the mental aspects of the position. Avital will share his vision for the setter’s footwork in defense and blocking. He will also dive into the creation of attacking combinations and the sequence of vision a setter needs to see the ball, attackers, block and opponent’s defense. Coaches from every level will leave this presentation with a better understanding of how to train and get the most out of their team’s setter.

Presentation Outline
1. Advanced Technique
• Upper body, lower body

2. Footwork
• By rotation the movement of the setter to setting position
• The movement of the setter from the setting position to the ball
• The movement alongside the net and from the net to the court
• Jump set, one leg jump set

Discussion: Which player should set the ball when the setter takes the first ball?

3. Creation of Combinations
• Short setter, tall setter
• How to create separation of the opponent block
• The sequence of vision the setter needs in order to maintain eye contact with the ball, his own attackers, the opponent block and possible defensive formation of the opponent

4. Attack of the Setter
• Tipping the ball, left hand, right hand, fake movement and set, sideways sets
5. Blocking
• Initial position, short setter, tall setter
• Movement to block

6. Defense
• Initial position and movement to defense position – RF, RB, CB, LB
• Movement from defense position to set in transition attack

7. Questions & Answers


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